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The Henge Shop in Avebury

The Henge Shop who sell incredibly beautiful and powerful Crystal Skulls in Avebury. Most of the Crystal Skulls featured in the Wisdom from the Crystal Skulls Oracle Cards belong to the Henge Shop in Avebury (some are for sale and some are there own personal skulls).

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Link to the Book by Elizabeth HeartStar called The Crystal Skull Messenger (a collection of channeled messages from Thelma Daisy Moeran) on Amazon:


Here are links to incredibly talented channels in their own fields. They all offer unique and fabulous experiences to their clients either in meditations, channeling workshops or sound healing. Please take a look.

Sue Coulson and her Cosmic Classroom

(Excerpt from the website) The Cosmic Classroom(TM) is a Spiritual Center, for Meditation and Healing, set in a high vibration space located inside Avebury's ancient Stone Circle, in the heart of Wiltshire, UK. 

Here you are invited to expand your awareness of Self by exploring the unseen realms through meditation, to claim a Cosmic View of the wholeness of who you are.

We offer opportunities to explore the subtle energy of physical reality, by dowsing Earth Energies and developing a sense of the vibrations within the body. We also specialize in facilitating meditations to journey through the etheric inter-dimensional web, which binds all of existence together, to experience meaningful encounters with energetic entities of higher-consciousness, the Light-Beings of the Star Nations. 

Sue Coulson is the founder of Cosmic Classroom in Avebury, where she works closely with Earth and the Higher Dimensional Beings of Light of the Star Nations.

Her spiritual foundations are rooted in an understanding of the inter-connectivity of all things. She has actively studied the energetics of the Avebury environment for over 14 years through her Psychic Survey project.  Sue is a certified Master of Crystology, an Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner, and a Spiritual Mentor to an international audience on social media.

She is dedicated to supporting people who wish to expand personal and collective consciousness through her group gatherings/workshops and private 1:1 sessions.

Janet Treloar - An out of body channeller, workshop leader and trainer of many professional therapies.

(Excerpt from the website) As a child I saw and felt what others could not. Magic and mayhem in equal measure is how I remember these early years. At 12 I received assistance from the SAGB and here my journey began in training in the fields of Mediumship and Spiritual Healing. In early adulthood I juggled life in the city, a corporate job and much socialising with further development and training in the fields of Spirit Release and Earth Energies. A little later I added Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy to my skill set and qualifications. The inner transformation and healing I received throughout my own practice sessions during the training bought about a major turning point in my life. People often say ‘I followed my heart’, I feel I have done so throughout my life ever since.

For more than a decade I’ve been channelling a higher being / consciousness known to all affectionately as Zac. He is an aspect of the ascended master Djwal Khul, although he prefers to ‘wear’ the personality of another of his lives lived in Syria as Zacharia; a simple man who loved life, nature, animals, and has an abundance of joy for what it is to be human living from the heart. He is friend and wise companion to all.

Hundreds of people have attended Channelling workshops and Extravaganzas with Zac since 2012, his insights and energy can be found currently at where a library of both free Zac Chats and Zac Q&As can be enjoyed alongside offerings for those wishing to subscribe to his monthly Zac Deep Dives and Zac Meditations.

Ali Lord - Sound Healer

(Excerpt from the website) The way I work is an intuitive combination of Channelled Sound and more traditional Sound Healing techniques (including instruments). Many sessions I provide are remote recordings, the beauty of these being that you do not have to live close by to engage, plus you can work with these sessions repeatedly, until you feel that the work is complete. This can be especially beneficial when working on deep seated issues, which can then be worked through at a pace that's comfortable for you.

As we enter this New Age upon the Earth, so many people are feeling the call to raise their vibrations and clear their energy fields of old programs and limiting beliefs. This might come in the form of physical symptoms, reoccurring emotions, or persistent negative thought patterns. It might be a heightened sensitivity, or a feeling of being stuck or lost. Many people are currently feeling drawn to heal issues from their past lives - and yes, sound can be applied in this way too!

Sound can clear and disperse energy, it can soothe and balance, and it can also stimulate and activate! Sound is a vibration, as are we. Whatever you're experiencing, if you're open to it, I believe that sound can help.

Fabulous Essences that are a perfect ally to work with Crystal Skulls

Two of my favourite essences to work with crystal skulls are the "Rainbow Light" and the brand new essence called "Togetherness". This beautiful creation was designed in collaboration with quartz crystal skulls and the Wisdom from the Crystal Skulls Oracle Cards. Find out more information in Pippa's website below.


Launched in 2017, the PipEssence Cosmic Moments Range of essences are hand-made, natural based holistic sprays. Each essence has unique ingredients lovingly combined together to help you with the everyday stresses and emotions of life.

The essences are spiritually based in their content, mainly using water from sacred wells from the UK such as 'The White & Red Spring' wells in Glastonbury, Somerset and wells worldwide for example from the sacred cenote in Chichen Itza in Mexico. You do not have to have any spiritual beliefs for the essence's to help you, you only need to want them to help by setting your personal 'intention' and allowing each of the essence's unique energies to work.